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Role Play Your Next Gathering  and...
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Purple Manna

A Premier Role Playing Game designed to be used with Magic: The Gathering© card game.

Now you are in the game!

To act and interact with the cards you’ve come to love. There is no Game Master as with other RPG’s, or specific deck ideas, or anything that prevents you from creating your own best decks, and so everyone is free to enjoy countless hours of play where winning isn’t the most important thing you do.  Over 8 years of design and play testing has gone into the creation of this work.  The desire was to create a game that had the very real feel of an RPG while preserving the incredible play-ability of Magic the Gathering©, the realization of which is contained in the game before you now.  Our hope is that this addition to your collection will open an entirely new world for you and your friends to enjoy.



Wizards Estates includes:

60 page Players Guide,
40 page Monsters and Treasure Booklet,
A Quick Reference Chart
and 18 Game Cards.


$19.95 USD

Below is a link to a demo game so you can get a feel for how this premier role playing game plays.

Demo Game

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This is a very basic introduction into the game mechanics and flow.  As you can see the game plays smoothly with Magic and although at the end the rolls for treasure were not made, you can get a pretty good feel for how it plays.  Keep in mind this was very basic, there is much more interaction that can take place via spells and magic.  Hope you enjoyed the show.

DDD Game Designs llc

The following are Quick Start Character Sheets you can use to jump in a game quickly.

Page 1 Quick Start Character Record

Page 2 Quick Start Character Record

Blank Quick Start Character Record


For Tournament Guidelines and Rules
Click Here


With the Covid-19 outbreak and so many people sheltering in place playing games like Magic the Gathering and ultimately  Wizards Estates is extremely difficult;  not to worry though, with a Vassal Module and the website Untap.in you can still play with your friends and enjoy Wizards Estates.  I believe you can play up to 4 people at a time on Untap.in and our Module will handle up to 6 players.

To make this happen all you need to do is download the Vassal Game Engine available from the Vassal Website, and our Mod available right here, set up an account at Untap.in, build a few decks and off you go.
If you need assistance please drop me a line at dddgamedesigns@gmail.com and I'll walk you through it.


This app for Android is an amazing app that will keep track of your Life and Experience to include up to 3 Stewards.  Very customizable and a must have.

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