Wizards Estates Game Errata

Players Guide

Page 6 - FRD/FRU, add: Unless otherwise noted all fractions are FRU.

Page 19 - Combat, vs Monsters, add: Creatures have their damage halved vs any indestructible Monster or Steward, FRU.

Page 19 - Combat, creature poison counters vs Monsters, add: Monsters receive a saving throw vs poison for half damage.

Page 27 - Servant/Porter, First sentence should read: A porter can be hired by a Character or Steward of any level and will act... etc.

Page 28 - Spells, Spell Casting, Limits, add: All spells cast by the same Character / Steward must be resolved completely before the next spell can be cast.

Page 29 - Spells per level, the Example should read: (For Example: A 5th level Character would be able to memorize Four 1st level spells, Three 2nd level spells and One 3rd level spell.)

Page 43 - Phase Door, add: Due to the electrical properties of the Phase door spell, the Lightning Grasp spell is completely absorbed (and is useless) if a Character casts a Phase Door while so charged.

Monster and Treasure Booklet

So far there is no errata for this booklet.