Vassal Engine Modules

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For the World in Flames and 7 Ages Vassal Mods you will need a PC with 6 gigs of Ram.

For the Vassal Game Engine go to the Vassal Website
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World in Flames Collector's Edition
By Australian Design Group

World in Flames CE Deluxe Vassal Module version 1.05.P is now available at Australian Design Group's Website.

Be a part of one of the world's most ambitious game project ever put forth. This is your chance to own the Vassal Module for this Award Winning and World Record Setting Grand Strategy Game.
Click here to get your copy.

Module Size: 134 Megs
Released: 05/14/2019
Last Update: 12-28-2020

Notes: Game is contained in a Zip file that includes the WiF CE Vassal User's Guide.

Panzer Leader Chaos

By DDD Game Designs

Maps and Counters Courtesy Imaginative Strategists.


Module Size: @160 Megs
Released: 10/16/2019
Last Update: N/A

Notes: Game Pack zip file contains the Players Guide and other files needed to play.

After over 40 years have passed since my friends and I began playing this variant, DDD Game Designs llc is proud to announce the release of this ground breaking variant.
Tired of the same old 2 player scenarios? Panzer Leader Chaos takes you completely outside the box. Designed for 2-4 players, and with the inclusion of Exceptional Leaders, Snipers and Playing Cards, Panzer Leader Chaos promises to be a unique experience you'll enjoy time and time again.

The Arab~Israeli Wars

By Avalon Hill

Maps Courtesy Imaginative Strategists.

With the same amazing clarity and features of our other Mods in this series this one completes the series of manufactured games.


Module Size: 112 Megs
Released: 7/26/2019
Last Update: N/A


Panzer Leader Deluxe

By Avalon Hill

Pieces and Maps Courtesy Imaginative Strategists and
Panzer Ship Counters from yours truly
 (DDD Game Designs).

Reflecting the same image clarity and Arab~Israeli War compatibility. A sister to the PanzerBlitz Deluxe Module.

Module Size: 131 Megs
Released: 6/14/2019
Last Update: 7/12/2019

Notes: A Desert Version is currently in development. Old Panzer Leader Mod is shelved in favor of this one.

PanzerBlitz Deluxe

By Avalon Hill

Pieces and Maps Courtesy Imaginative Strategists.
With amazing clarity and new counter functionality along with additions to incorporate the Arab Israeli Wars counter factors so you can play this amazing game with the most polished rules available.

A must have for your Vassal Collection

Module Size : 181 Megs
Released: 4/2019
Last Update: 7/12/2019

Notes: Zip file contains Module and Rules for PanzerBlitz and Arab-Israeli Wars.

World in Flames Collector's Edition
Victory in the West

The World in Flames Collectors Edition~Victory in the West

Vassal Intro Version is available for free download from the ADG website
(Click Here).

Module Size: 45.6 Megs
Released: 3/2018
Last Update: N/A

Notes:  This is a Primer and was created before beta testing.  The Production Version of WiF CE has many, many improvements and refinements.  However this is a good introduction for this award winning game.



Version 8.542

For help using this Mod an Instruction Manual  is included here.

WiF Final Board

Module Size: 212 Megs
Released: 10/2014
Last Update: 6/2017

Notes: Old Mods in archive are: 8.0; ;8.1; 8.1a; 8.15; 8.16 and 8.16 Reskin; 8.17; 8.2; 8.21; 8.49 blue counters; 8.5; 8.53; 8.542 and 8.542B-o (with blue counters).
[The 8.16 Reskin, 8.49 and 8.542B-o were never released]

WiF 5th ed Board

Module Size: 59.3 Megs
Released: 4/2016
Last Update: 8/2019

Notes:  2019, Minor reporting and resolution updates.


By Avalon Hill


Version 1.152

BB Billboard

Module Size: 18.2 Megs
Released: 6/2016
Last Update: 7/2016

Note: This module was an update of an existing module available on the Vassal website. The map is all that remains of the original Mod.



Version 1.01

Last Updated 7/21/2018

The 7 Ages Vassal Mod tutorial is included here.

7 ages board

Module Size: 87.4 Megs
Released: 8/2016
Last Update: 7/2018



By Michael Matheny

Beastlord Board

Module Size: 29.6 Megs
Released: 7/2017
Last Update: N/A

Notes:  The zip file includes the rules.