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Tournament Guidelines and Rules

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Ethereal Essence
Ethereal Essence

Tournaments should first be organized as to type, ie, Standard, Modern, etc. to include round robin, single elimination etc.

Tournament Organizers will then decide the criteria that the WE (Wizards Estates) tournament will have.

  • Character Level
  • Character Attributes
  • Starting Life
  • Starting Crowns/Available Items
  • Ethereal Essence
  • WE Spell Restrictions

Character Level: All participants should start with the same level character.

Note: The higher the level of character the longer duels will likely take. Also consider that new players will not have a working knowledge of the mechanics of WE and so consideration to beginner tournaments is encouraged.

Character Attributes:  Organizers should decide what special attributes all the characters will have, i.e, Grip Size, Hit Modifiers, etc.

Starting Life:  Tournament Organizers should decide the amount of life all characters will start with.  Use the Life/Ethereal Essence Table below as a guide for life based on character level.

Starting Crown/Available Items: Tournament organizers will determine how many crowns if any will be allocated to each character for outfitting.  This is optional and organizers can simply state what Items all characters possess or give the characters choices between specific items, like Short Sword or Mace.

Ethereal Essence: Ethereal Essence is introduced for tournaments only as a way of streamlining the spell casting process in WE tournaments.

Ethereal Essence replaces the following spell mechanics for tournaments only.

Spell Costs are ignored: There are no costs in crown for casting spells. Spell costs are paid using Ethereal Essence.

Memorizing spells in advance: Spells may be cast as desired and are not required to be chosen prior to the duel.

Each participant will be able to choose spells from the spell lists given by tournament organizers during the duels and are not required to memorize anything in advance. Based on the level of the Characters in the Tournament each participant will be allotted an amount of Ethereal Essence to spend on spells.

1st level spells cost 1 Ethereal Essence to cast, 2nd level spells cost 2 to cast and so on.

WE Spell Restrictions:  Tournament organizers should also review the potential spells available for the character levels they intend to host and determine which spells if any will be restricted and therefore not available during the tournament. For example: Monster Summoning spells.

Life/Ethereal Essence Table

Character Level___ Ethereal Essence___________Life

1st Level =             2 Ethereal Essence               12

2nd Level =           3 Ethereal Essence                15

3rd Level =            5 Ethereal Essence                18

4th Level =            8 Ethereal Essence                20

5th Level =            12 Ethereal Essence              23

6th Level =            15 Ethereal Essence              26

7th Level =            20 Ethereal Essence              30

8th Level =            25 Ethereal Essence              33

9th Level =            30 Ethereal Essence              36

10th Level =          35 Ethereal Essence              40

For Example; Tournament A = Commander, 7th Level Characters, 30 life, 20 Ethereal Essence, Grip of 8, No other remarkable abilities,  Magic Sword +1 and 50 Crown for outfitting. All Spells from 1st to 3rd level Excluding Monster Summoning spells.

All rules for MTG tournaments are in force based on the format of the tournament. All rules for WE RPG are also in force.


Players should keep careful track of experience points gained and the winner of each duel is the player who earned the most experience points.

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