Wizards Estates

Role Play Your Next Gathering,

Get In The Game!

A Premier Role Playing Game designed to be used with Magic: The Gathering© card game.

Now you are in the game!

To act and interact with the cards you’ve come to love. There is no Game Master as with other RPG’s, or specific deck ideas, or anything that prevents you from creating your own best decks, and so everyone is free to enjoy countless hours of play where winning isn’t the most important thing you do.  Over 8 years of design and play testing has gone into the creation of this work.  The desire was to create a game that had the very real feel of an RPG while preserving the incredible play-ability of Magic the Gathering©, the realization of which is contained in the game before you now.  Our hope is that this addition to your collection will open an entirely new world for you and your friends to enjoy.



Wizards Estates includes:60 page Player Guide,
40 page Monsters and Treasure Booklet,
A Quick Reference Chart
and 18 Game Cards.


$19.95 USD

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